Hair Straightening Treatments

A lot of people use the Keratin treatment as a means to straighten out the curls or revive damaged hair due to over processing and coloring. Keratin hair straightening and the Brazilian blowout is regarded as among the finest means of pulling out the curls although keratin is a thing that is naturally generated by your hair, some people might be skeptical about such treatments due the fact that the process does contain a small amount of formaldehyde, however when used properly by a licensed hairstylist, one has nothing to worry about, so it can only help your hair while straightening it at the same time.


Keratin Hair Treatment

This could be a time consuming procedure depending to the length and depth of your hair. So if your hair is on longer and fuller it’s not a problem, just be aware that you are going to be at the salon for upwards of 2 maybe even 3 hours and always remember if you want your Keratin treatment to look good and the most out of it, it can’t be rushed and you should always do your research when it comes to keratin hair treatment and any type of Brazilian blow dry. Among the significant reasons why individuals decide to have a Keratin Treatment is because they normally wear hair styles that are straight and their hair is either curly or frizzy due to over processed hair. Straight hair styles can be achieved by you at home using a flat iron and a blow dryer, all though doing so can be time consuming and doing this on a daily basis every morning can take it’s toll and ware on you and your hair.

Another reason girls spend money and time receiving a Keratin Treatment is that after this protein is infused into the hair, it gives your hair a whole new life and shine making it look healthy and full. After you’ve gotten one these hair straightening treatments you should be careful about washing your hair. It’s a must you give a good 2-3 days for the solution to set into your hair to begin working before you wash your hair. Some of the professionals even recommended that you wait for at least four days before you wash and condition your hair and always use a keratin shampoo as well as keratin hair products.

Once the waiting period is over you may need to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to shield the solution in your hair, of course you can use a keratin shampoo that is specially made for post keratin treatment. Other kinds of shampoo cause one to lose the effects of the keratin faster than you should and may strip the solution in the hair.

After getting a Keratin Treatment if you take appropriate attention to your hair, you’ll be able to expect it to last about ten to twelve weeks before you will need to have it done again, saving time to start new hobbies, recycling or even saving the rain forest. Depending how long and how full your hair is it may need to be touched again sooner or later, as well as the proper post care that is put in to it. Of course the longer your hair is, the longer the process is going to take and unfortunately the price of the Brazilian blowout or keratin is going to be more as well for the obvious reason that the hairdresser is going to take more time and product.